Dil Tod Ke Flute Notes B Praak

Dil Tod Ke Sargam Flute Notes B Praak.  Flute notes of this song is very easy. You can play this song in every scaled flute. These notes are in Sargam Saregama format easy for beginners. So you must try these notes in your bansuri. 

Dil Tod Ke Flute Notes by B Praak is latest Hindi song with music given by Rochak Kohli. Dil tod ke song lyrics are written by Manoj Muntashir.

Dil Tod Ke Song's Flute Notations are made in very simple Sargam (SaReGaMa) Indian Classical notes style. These flute notes are made according to flute's (Bansuri's) holes means in a flute (Bansuri) lowest note is lower mandar Saptak p and higher note is Taar Saptak P'. So these notes are made while considering this limit. So these flute notes are very simple and easy to learn to play. You can play these notes in any scale's flute, also these notes are not limited to flute it can be played in any melodies instrument like Saxophone, Trumpet, Harmonica, Violin, Synthesizer, Piano, Harmonium, Guitar, Veena, Sarengi, Harp, Sitar, Casio Keyboard, Clarinet, and many more. Dil Tod Ke song's recommended Flute scale is A# but if you have and other flute you can play this song.

Dil Tod Ke Flute Notes B Praak
Dil Tod Ke Flute Notes B Praak

Song Name Dil Tod Ke
Movie Name  
Singer Name  B Praak
Song Key A#

Dil Tod Ke Flute Notes


Tum de rahi ho dil mein 
G(k)P P PPD(k) MP

kisi aur ko jagah
PD(k) D(k)MP G(k)R

Lekin koyi na chahega 

tumko meri tarah
G(k)d(k) d(k)n(k) d(k)p

Kya hai kusoor mera
SG(k)P PPD(k) MP

Jo dil se utar gaya
PD(k) D(k)M MMP G(k)R

Mud ke bhi na dekha mujhe
n(k)R RR RG(k) RG(k)

Tumne ek dafaa
d(k)d(k) d(k)n(k) d(k)p

Jaise gayi ho
MM MD(k)D(k) M(t)M RG(k)D(k)P

Jaise gayi ho
MM MD(k)D(k)

Jaata hai kya koyi
G(k) G(k)G(k) PP

Aise chhod ke

Dil tod ke
Rn(k) S SS

Ho dil tod ke 
RG(k) Rn(k) S SS

hasti ho mera
SRSn(k) SR

Wafayein meri yaad karogi

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