Phir Mulaaqat Flute Notes Bollywood Latest Song | Cheat India

Phir Mulaaqat Latest Song Sargam Flute Notes – Cheat India from the latest upcoming Bollywood movie Cheat India starring starring Starring Emraan Hashmi, Shreya Dhanwanthary. A beautiful romantic song in the voices of Jubin Nautiyal. The song is composed by Kunaal Rangon with lyrics written by Kunaal Vermaa.

Phir Mulaaqat Song's Bansuri  (Bamboo Flute) notes is made in very famous Indian Classical Sargam style. These flute notations are made according to flute's (Bansuri's) holes means in a flute (Bansuri) lowest note is lower mandar Saptak p and higher note is Taar Saptak P'. So these notes are made while considering this limit. These notes are very very simple and easy to play. You can play these notes in any scale's flute, also these notes are not limited to flute it can be played in any melodies instrument like Violin, Veena, Sitar, Piano, Harmonium, Casio Keyboard, Guitar, Sarengi, Harp, Saxophone, Trumpet, Clarinet, Synthesizer, Harmonica, and many more more. Dost Dost Na Raha song's recommended Flute scale is A but if you have and other flute you can play this song.

Phir Mulaaqat Flute Notes
Phir Mulaaqat Flute Notes Bollywood Latest Song | Cheat India

Song NamePhir Mulaaqat
Movie NameCheat India
Singer Name Jubin Nautiyal 
Song KeyA

Phir Mulaaqat Flute Notes 

PM(k)S'NS'  S'R'G(k)'R'G(k)'
S'NS'M(k)P  G(k)MP
PM(k)S'NS'  S'R'G(k)'MG(k)'
S'NS'M(k)M(k)P  G(k)MP

Toh kya hua juda huye
p G(k)RG(k) PMG(k)R

Magar hai khushi mile toh the

Toh kya hua mude raashte
p G(k)RG(k) PMG(k) MG(k)R

Kuch door sang chale toh the

Dobara milenge kisi mode pe
SPP MPP G(k)G(k)MG(k)R

Jo baaki hai woh baat hogi kabhi
p G(k)G(k) M R Sn(k) n(k)R SR

Chalo aaj chalte hai hum
pG(k) G(k)M RSn(k) R

Phir mulaaqat hogi kabhi
G(k)G(k) MRSn(k) n(k)R SR

Phir mulaaqat hogi kabhi
SG(k) MRSn(k) n(k)R SS

Juda ho rahe hai kadam
pG(k) G(k) MRS n(k)R

Phir mulaaqat hogi kabhi
G(k) MRSn(k) n(k)R SS

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